Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why so GRUMPY ?

It was raining. It was cold.
The traffic jam was very bad.
Sitting in a move-a-meter-then-stop car made my head dizzy and my nausea switch turned ON automatically.
My stomach is full with acid and painful.
Then the grumpy mode turned ON.
I was begging for food, anything I can eat so that I can kill the uneasy feeling that makes me wanna puke all over the place.
I was begging for the driver to stop the car in the middle of traffic jam because I could not take it anymore.

This uneasy feeling was driving me mad, really mad, last night.
Maybe I should buy a windscreen sticker saying: "AWAS, pregger lapar."

Moral: Put biscuits or light snacks inside your car. In case of emergency.

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