Monday, August 25, 2008

Eating slow.. like a snail...

You are hungry like a wolf and there is a yummy looking Chicken Rice in front of you. How fast can you finish it? 5mins? 10mins?

I used to finish it in 15mins. Eat while it's still hot is nicer, right? These few weeks, I just found out that I couldn't do that anymore. If I did, it will come out from my mouth into the plastic bag, sink or toilet porcelain throne in no time.

There goes my lunch Garlic naan and Tandoori Chicken.
There goes my dinner Ayam Penyet at Waroeng Penyet the Curve.
There goes my after dinner honey dew melon.
There goes my breakfast chicken currypuff.

So I eat slow, very slow. 1 scoop and stop for air. Wait another a few minutes before another scoop. And I stop before I get the uneasy stomach feelings. I miss the time where I can eat faster than this. Sigh. Slow pun slow-lah. As long as I still can enjoy my meals everyday.

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