Sunday, August 24, 2008

Watch what you eat - Week 7

Even though the Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy (NVP) stikes any time of the day, my tummy keeps growling every 2 hours after meal. Jacob's Weetameal has been my daily snacks since then. But during lunch and dinner, I will find something heavier than that to make me energized through out the day (and nite). And most of the time, I am having heartburn and gas problem caused by wrong choice of meals (or what the meal contains). So, I have to know what should I avoid to reduce the heartburn and gas problem. The objective is to make my tummy feel comfortable so that I won't throw up too much.

Let's begin the list. (Taken from Cari Forum » Food and Recipes » Makanan Berangin)
Avoid these:

1) segala sayuran menjalar, kacang, pumpkin, ubi kayu, pisang
2) sayuran dan buahan yg jenis berongga kat tengah
3) terung, nangka
4) daun kesum org buat laksa tu
5) soya bean
6) teh & kopi pun berangin
7) pulut, kacang hijau, jagung
8) betik,pucuk paku, pucuk ubi,kangkung, kundur , labu ,nangka..basically most of the sayur desa
9) sayur2an yg kaler cerah tu berangin, contohnya mcm kobis
10) Sayur brokoli angin, sayur taugeh, sayur pucuk paku, kangkung, pucuk ubi, petai, jering, kerdas, tempoyak, kacang hijau, tepung ubi, ubi kayu, pulut itam putih, durian, epal, honey dew.

Sigh, then what should I eat then? Looks like all my favorites can caused gas problem. Sawi, kailan and sayuran hijau only? Sigh....

Last Saturday I went to a clinic near my house to do UltraSound scanning but Dr. Saa'dat said it is too young and too early to see the baby yet. It's true, since the size of the baby is just 5-7mm only, just about the size of a grape seed. Instead, I told him about my vomiting, heartburn and gas problem and he prescribes me pills to be taken 20mins before I have my meals, 3 times a day. So far the pill works well. I can burp happily after each meal now. But the suspend of bwarff instead of burp is still there. I just keep a small plastic bag by my side everytime after meal, just in case. Sigh...

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