Thursday, August 28, 2008

How to Handle Morning Sickness - Relief Methods for a Rough Pregnancy

Relief Method #1: Prenatal Vitamins
Some women dealing with morning sickness have trouble swallowing (and keeping down) these pills that could easily make a horse gag! Discuss different options with your doctor. The most important thing for the baby's brain development is Folic Acid. Perhaps changing your diet or taking a Folic Acid supplement will be easier for you.

Relief Method #2: Eating
Morning sickness may make you want to swear off food for life. However, it is crucial you do not deprive your empty stomach (or the baby!) Stick with the most basic, bland foods in your house. Toast, oatmeal, crackers, etc… are all great examples. It also helps to stick with a bunch of small snacks throughout the day instead of eating three big meals. This helps your stomach handle and digest the food easier.

Relief Method #3: Ginger
Ginger is known as a long time remedy for nausea and morning sickness. For those of you who can not handle the spicy, yet sweet, taste of ginger cookies or teas; try taking a Ginger Root supplement found in any Vitamin section of the grocery store. As always, it is smart to talk to your doctor before taking any supplements!

Relief Method #4: Sleep, Sleep, and More Sleep!
You can never get too much sleep when you are suffering with the aches and pains of pregnancy’s morning sickness. (Although for some people it can be better known as Afternoon, Evening, or Middle of the night Sickness!) Sleep is THE BEST relief. Well, at least it keeps your mind off how sick you feel! Whether it is for five minutes or five hours, taking naps throughout the day is crucial! If you are a stay-at-home-mom, invest in a babysitter to come watch your kids while you get your rest. If you are a career woman, find a way to escape your job for a few minutes, a few times each day, to rest up. Getting substantial sleep is important to you and your baby no matter how bad your morning sickness is!

As any textbook or physician will tell you, there is no solid cure for the dreaded morning sickness. These Relief Methods are only suggestions from personal experience! It is always a good idea to discuss your own personal symptoms with your physician because there are prescriptions that can be given for severe cases.

Why so GRUMPY ?

It was raining. It was cold.
The traffic jam was very bad.
Sitting in a move-a-meter-then-stop car made my head dizzy and my nausea switch turned ON automatically.
My stomach is full with acid and painful.
Then the grumpy mode turned ON.
I was begging for food, anything I can eat so that I can kill the uneasy feeling that makes me wanna puke all over the place.
I was begging for the driver to stop the car in the middle of traffic jam because I could not take it anymore.

This uneasy feeling was driving me mad, really mad, last night.
Maybe I should buy a windscreen sticker saying: "AWAS, pregger lapar."

Moral: Put biscuits or light snacks inside your car. In case of emergency.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What taste is this?

My mouth had a very uneasy taste lately. It's not sour, not sweet, not salty but more like bitter. Is this what they called metal taste in the mouth? I thought metal taste like blood. Hehehehe... But I don't like this taste. It is so strong and make my tongue could not taste other food. And I will start to vomit (again and again and again). I have tried to eat many things to make this taste go away, but I failed. Asam masin also does not work, it make it worse. Anyone has any idea? HELP!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Eating slow.. like a snail...

You are hungry like a wolf and there is a yummy looking Chicken Rice in front of you. How fast can you finish it? 5mins? 10mins?

I used to finish it in 15mins. Eat while it's still hot is nicer, right? These few weeks, I just found out that I couldn't do that anymore. If I did, it will come out from my mouth into the plastic bag, sink or toilet porcelain throne in no time.

There goes my lunch Garlic naan and Tandoori Chicken.
There goes my dinner Ayam Penyet at Waroeng Penyet the Curve.
There goes my after dinner honey dew melon.
There goes my breakfast chicken currypuff.

So I eat slow, very slow. 1 scoop and stop for air. Wait another a few minutes before another scoop. And I stop before I get the uneasy stomach feelings. I miss the time where I can eat faster than this. Sigh. Slow pun slow-lah. As long as I still can enjoy my meals everyday.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I am a one happy pregger and Scrabulous is restricted?

If I am not a pregger right now, I will be cursing HASBRO all day long. Because it took away my beloved Scrabulous from my facebook.

Just because HASBRO registered the Scrable board game, it does not means no one else cannot develop the online version of that game. They were just being selfish and stupid. Boycot HASBRO !!! Mwahahahaha.... oopss...

Luckily, Scrabulus came back as Wordscraper in facebook. But I need to get used to the new board layout and hidden letter's value. Somehow, I am glad I can find something similar to Scrabulous, just to make my life more meaningful to wake up, go to work and turn on my PC everyday. Without it, facebook is meaningless, no point even logging in.


Watch what you eat - Week 7

Even though the Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy (NVP) stikes any time of the day, my tummy keeps growling every 2 hours after meal. Jacob's Weetameal has been my daily snacks since then. But during lunch and dinner, I will find something heavier than that to make me energized through out the day (and nite). And most of the time, I am having heartburn and gas problem caused by wrong choice of meals (or what the meal contains). So, I have to know what should I avoid to reduce the heartburn and gas problem. The objective is to make my tummy feel comfortable so that I won't throw up too much.

Let's begin the list. (Taken from Cari Forum » Food and Recipes » Makanan Berangin)
Avoid these:

1) segala sayuran menjalar, kacang, pumpkin, ubi kayu, pisang
2) sayuran dan buahan yg jenis berongga kat tengah
3) terung, nangka
4) daun kesum org buat laksa tu
5) soya bean
6) teh & kopi pun berangin
7) pulut, kacang hijau, jagung
8) betik,pucuk paku, pucuk ubi,kangkung, kundur , labu ,nangka..basically most of the sayur desa
9) sayur2an yg kaler cerah tu berangin, contohnya mcm kobis
10) Sayur brokoli angin, sayur taugeh, sayur pucuk paku, kangkung, pucuk ubi, petai, jering, kerdas, tempoyak, kacang hijau, tepung ubi, ubi kayu, pulut itam putih, durian, epal, honey dew.

Sigh, then what should I eat then? Looks like all my favorites can caused gas problem. Sawi, kailan and sayuran hijau only? Sigh....

Last Saturday I went to a clinic near my house to do UltraSound scanning but Dr. Saa'dat said it is too young and too early to see the baby yet. It's true, since the size of the baby is just 5-7mm only, just about the size of a grape seed. Instead, I told him about my vomiting, heartburn and gas problem and he prescribes me pills to be taken 20mins before I have my meals, 3 times a day. So far the pill works well. I can burp happily after each meal now. But the suspend of bwarff instead of burp is still there. I just keep a small plastic bag by my side everytime after meal, just in case. Sigh...

Week 7

pregnancy cartoon

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

6 weeks and 5 days..

YES, the tests (I did 2 tests, on 2 different weeks, just to really really confirm it) turn out both POSITIVE, 2 lines. Other than that, I am having the (evening) morning sickness, which usually starts at 4.30pm everyday. Nausea and vomiting - oh, what a nice melody.

Will get hungry again every two hour, specially at night. Appetite is OK, just can eat a little, usually cannot finish normal potion. I think I am not fat, I am just pregnant. I can't fit into most of my pants which I usually wear to work. I can't fit into my favorite jeans. Need to do some loose shirt shopping soon, because I can't fit into any of my baby shirt anymore. *Sigh*

Right now, this good news has reach a few selected people. My colleagues, of course, they can see me running into the toilet and bwarfing everyday. And they quit smoking inside the room, as I cannot stand the smoke and the smell. I can leave office anytime I like if I am not feeling well. One of member, Mai (who is pregnant and due this Dec) - because I asked her whether pregnant woman can go for reflexology or Thai Body Massage (the answer is NO) and she give a wild guess that I am pregnant too, if not why I asked such question.

This good news haven't reach my Mom, my Dad, my mama-in-law, my baba-in-law and other relatives. I am waiting for the right moment to tell them, perhaps during this Hari Raya Puasa, when they saw me in L-sized baju raya. Hahahahaha... until my husband say can tell them, then only I can tell them.

And YOU, this blog reader. Currently you are the last person who knows about this. So far as I know, none of my friends read this blog. Hehehehe... Will update again, soon.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fish Friendly

F1100004, originally uploaded by anis5702.

Mr. Fish-are-Fwen,-Not-Food !!!

Come to Mommy

F1100006e, originally uploaded by anis5702.

Fish attack!!!

Feeding the fish

F1100014e, originally uploaded by anis5702.

The white and yellow spotted fish was shy at first.


F1100018e, originally uploaded by anis5702.

Great snorkeling spot in Lang Tengah Island. Crystal clear ocean with colorful fish.

Take a break

F1100021e, originally uploaded by anis5702.

Enjoying the sea view during snorkeling activity in Lang Tengah Island