Thursday, October 16, 2008

14 week and 5 days

Yeah, I know. Is this the best ultrasound image that I can get? Unfortunately, yes. I know, it's a lil bit disappointing, but what the heck, I'm still proud of it. :D
Sebelum doktor tu berniat nak snap, elok je nampak kepala, tangan, kaki, movement dan a glowing heartbeat. Then doktor tu sukat panjang x lebar. Then suddenly baby jadi malu, and curl. Bila doktor try dapatkan image yang lebih clear, dia pusing pulak... malu.... last2 ni je yang doktor tu dapat snap.. gambar kepala.

What else written there ?
AC - 15
HC - 14.3

Placenta low lying
BPD @ 14wk/5days gestation

(N) Size


Abdominal Circumference (AC) measures the mother's belly in cross section. Especially later in pregnancy, it is used as an indicator of fetal weight and growth. Sometimes, serial measurements are taken to ensure an accurate reading.

BPD stands for Biparietal Diameter and is an ultrasound measurement taken of the baby's head (from side to side). Along with the Femur Length (FL) and Abdominal Circumference (AC), it is used to estimate the fetal weight.

Femur Length (FL) often is measured along with AC and BLD measurements. The femur is the longest bone in the body and measurement of this bone is taken to estimate fetal growth.

AC, BPD and FL are combined in a formula to estimate fetal weight. While most ultrasound machines contain calculators, here is the formula used to figure the fetal weight: 1.4 X BPD X FL X AC (all in centimeters) - 200 = Fetal weight. (This is an estimate and becomes less accurate as baby gets farther from about 5.5 lbs.)

HC indicates Head Circumference. Babies of the same weight can have different head sizes.

A normally situated placenta:

Figure1. The placenta is situated at the top of the uterus well clear of the neck of the womb (cervix).

A low placenta at 18 weeks:

Figure 2. The placenta is situated low in the uterus. In 95% of patients however the placenta "moves up" in later pregnancy.

Ye, hopefully placenta tu akan moves up soon, as the baby grow. Sementara itu, saya dilarang mengangkat sebarang benda berat dan dibenarkan bermalas-malasan untuk mengelakkan kejadian bleeding. Hmmm.... nothing to worry about, be happy :D. Second trimester ni, agak memenatkan di mana saya sering keletihan dan kepucatan. Aih... rasa nak balik tidur je.

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