Monday, November 10, 2008

Eh.. Eh... Tangan ni naper sakit?

Nak kata tersalah tido? Tak mungkin, sebab asyik terjaga sepanjang malam, mmg tak tertindih langsung tangan. Lagipun, takkan le boleh tertindih 2-2 tangan sekali, kan? Pikir2 balik, mmg tak bleh cari apa sebab tangan kiri and kanan ni sakit sangat2.. mencucuk.. sampai ke tulang.

Rupa-rupanya... Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Pregnancy. Bukan Karpal Singh tuh, tu wat hape..
Sakit macam mana? It was a constant pain that was dull, bordering on sharp. Dari siku ke wrist. At night it was horrible. I couldn't sleep. There was no position where my hands wouldn't hurt.

Sebenarnya, Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition among people who do repetitive work all day long, punching keys on a computer or a cash register, or even pressing on the strings of a violin.

Q: Apa puncanya ???

Pregnant women are also susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome, even if they don't type or play music all day. According to some studies, as many as one out of four pregnant women complains of the syndrome, usually in the second or third trimester of pregnancy when fluid retention in the arms and hands is more likely to put pressure on the nerve that leads to the hands and fingers. The more fluid you retain, the more swelling occurs, squeezing the nerves that run through the hands and fingers.<-- wooo, patut la...

Q: Apa treatment yang selamat untuk preggers???

Most doctors say that using a splint, especially at night, to keep your hand from staying in a flexed position is the most effective treatment.

  • If you use your hands to work, try to take frequent breaks. Massaging your palm and the back of your hand can also help.
  • Do wrist and hand exercises to stretch the muscles in your arm and shoulders. Stretch your fingers by flexing them and rotating your wrists.
  • Reduce your intake of caffeinated food and beverages. Caffeine can restrict blood vessels and reduce blood flow to your arms and wrists.
  • Apply ice packs two to three times a day to your wrists to reduce inflammation.
  • If you're nursing, using pillows for support can help.
  • Cut down on the amount of force you use. If you type or use a cash register, touch the keys softly. Studies show that people use much more force than they need to. If you write by hand a lot, use a big pen with free-flowing ink so that you don't have to grip tightly or press hard on the paper.
  • and in some cases your doctor may prescribe diuretics or limit your intake of salty foods to reduce the swelling of your body tissues. Acupuncture may be an option for you.
Q: Sakit ni sementara or sampai bila???

Carpal tunnel syndrome usually corrects itself after you delivery your baby and your body stops retaining water. <-- HUH ? WTF ???

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