Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Digital Dream

What the hell ??

Yeah, believe it or not.. this is how my dream looks like.
Is it categorized as sweet dreams? NO. Pleasant? NO. Tiring? YES.
Because when I get this kind of dream, my brain starts working, analyzing, finding the best solutions.
How did I get this kind of dream? It happens when I stuck at some algorithm / logic/ coding that not work during programming in the office. The problem will be memorized by my brain and it continue finding solution during my sleep.
What will I do if I get this kind of dream? Wait until I dream of the solution of the problem, open my eyes, and jot it down some where so that I can go back to sleep.
And as the results, I will woke up with panda eyes next morning, sleepless night.
Since programming can come in multi languages, so do my dreams. PHP, JAVA, HTML, AJAX, VB all coming in. *sigh*
Can I avoid from getting this kind of dreams? Sometimes YES. By solving all the problems/ algorithms/ logics during working hours and make sure that I'm not stuck at any codes. How I solve it, I don't know - ask SiFu (so that he gets the same dream too, mwehehehe) or search the Net.

Since when did this happen? As long as I can remember, I start dreaming of the solution in sleep when I stuck/ having problem in solving Additional Mathematics (the unforgivable Add Maths) during Form 4 and Form 5. My brain will continue to find the solution for Add Maths questions even though I was asleep. Normally I will wake up, mamai while writting down the answer, then get back to sleep. When I wake up the next morning, I can't really recall how the hell I get that answer. Same goes to test/ exams questions. The night after the test/ exam, if I was unlucky, I will get a dream that gives the answer. SHIT! Why didn't I get it before the exam? And as usual, the answer that I pick during the exam was wrong.

I know there are other programmers out there have this kind of dream. All my programmer friends get this type of dream sometimes, but most of them can't remember it. All we see is the source code.

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