Monday, February 18, 2008

Keyboard Crisis

I hate my old keyboard and the force to buy a brand new one was so strong. And I did.
What's wrong with the old keyboard?

The letter U won't come out with one gentle press. It needs rage to type out a simple U. My right middle finger now looks like E.T's head, coz hitting the letter U so hard.

The big main Enter is always stuck. As a results, it will type so many new lines. (Endless enter). To overcome it, I banned myself to press the main Enter but get used to hit Enter at the numeric key, instead. It's a 50miles journey to that Enter.

The Backspace is as tiny as a peanut. As a typo-prone person, I really really rely on this Backspace. And Print Screen beside that tiny Backspace makes my headache go up to the max, specially when I was copying some codes, need a Backspace but accidentally finger-slip and hit the Print Screen. Oh Sh*t !!

The long Space bar is useless when you can only press exactly at the center to pop up a Space. And I end up typing everything in single sentence while not looking to the monitor. Haiyo.. there goes typo again.

The Arrows button were too near with Delete, End and Page Down. Every time I want to hit Up, the cursor will go to the End of the code. Wasting my time again.





Ok, I'm cool with the new keyboard. My very own keyboard (not supplied by company). Silent keyboard, no stress, nice layout, USB and it obey to my command. Happy.

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